Jerry W DeWitt, former Pentecostal pastor is coming to East Tennessee to speak at Pellissippi State Community College. Jerry Dewitt is the former board member of The Clergy Project, and the first member to publicly come out as an atheist. He is a humanist celebrant and board member at the foundation beyond belief.

Notable quote:

Skepticism is my nature.
Freethought is my methodology.
Agnosticism is my conclusion.
Atheism is my opinion.
Humanism is my motivation.
— Jerry W DeWitt —



It’s wonderful that atheist, rationalists, and free thinkers in the East Tennessee are getting such a wonderful speaker to share his time with us.

Hosted by the Rationalists of East Tennessee this will be a great event.


It will give East Tennessee atheists a chance to come out and find each other and grow our community. We are stronger together, and must forge our community bonds at events like these. It’s coming up this weekend Sunday, May 15, 2016. Hope to see you there.



disclaimer—  At the time of this post:  I am not a sponsor, organizer, or official promoter of this event. Nor am I affiliated with any of these organizations linked above ,other than subscribed to their newsletter.  I am simply an atheist and a fan trying to help spread the word. East Tennessee is in desperate need to build up our atheist communities and show that we are a valid voting block. We must find each other and organize to help propel East Tennessee and the world out of ancient ideologies.