Episode # 9 show notes:



This weeks episode is shorter than some of the rest. I had a full episode available for this week, but I decided to delay it for another week. I did this because the subject matter is very heavy. I had planned on addressing the recent suicides in Tennessee, coupled with the disturbing trend of teen suicides over the past several years. I am delaying the episode on this to give you all an opportunity to share with me any stories, or related subject matter that you would like me to discuss on this topic.   This is a very serious topic, and I would like to get as much listener feedback as possible before I finish the recording and release it.  I have personally experienced the pain of a suicide in my family, and will be sharing my story. I will gladly, share your stories, or let you be the voice of someone close to you anonymously, under any pseudonym, or internet handle you choose.  The idea behind this upcoming episode is to add our voices to this topic, as many secular voices seem to be silent on such an important subject.



WBIR headline: ‘Acupuncture helps Knoxville couple get pregnant’

A couple in Knoxville credits acupuncture for their pregnancy rather than the 3 cycles of IVF.








Trump fires FBI director while his team is being investigated by the FBI.