Local Elections:

We start off with a snippet of my personal story. Then we move into to some laws and local candidate news. We then emphasize that we need to pay more attention to the local elections and find the secular values candidates.

The importance of these local elections can not be overestimated. It is the same strategy that allowed the Republicans to take over all of the house, senate, and presidency. The local elections help to slowly ramp up support for your parties platform, and it motivates the base to get out and vote.

The royal rangers website.


My family all believed in the supernatural from god to astrology, ghosts,and everything in between. I had a “psychic“ aunt who could read auras and horoscopes. She even communed with the dead. I was constantly from the earliest age I can remember filled with supernatural notions. I was enrolled in all the basic theological activities, including the incredibly strange Royal Rangers. For those unaware of what this is, Royal Rangers is like Boy Scouts for Pentecostals. I was also given the basics like tooth fairies, Santa, and even a strange concept of the Easter bunny.

There was no hesitation to scare me into submission with hellfire and eternal torture. They even went to great lengths to vividly describe to me what this “hell “ would be like. As My immediate family they new all of my fears and blended them into their various affirmations as to how bad hell would be

I was enrolled in this program as a child and it was incredibly strange. Part of the program as it was implemented at my church was sitting in on and taking notes from sermons.

The sermon led me into an interest in studying the bible more thoroughly, which later helped me in my path to atheism.

Again Tennessee is getting involved in people’s love life, by trying to dictate who can or can not get married. They call this the “Natural Marriage Defense Act”. The Tn Republicans seem to equate biblical with Natural because they have this dogmatic belief that god is the creator.

What is the problem with a man and a man getting married, or a woman and a woman getting married?

No one should dictate who someone loves, and what consenting adults decide to do together.

HB 0892

Marriage – As introduced, enacts the “Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act,” which states the policy of Tennessee to defend natural marriage between one man and one woman regardless of any court decision to the contrary. – Amends TCA Title 36.


Tennessee equality project. They are a LGBT action group that keeps an eye out for any anti LGBT legislation that comes up and puts out the word on how people can help fight it.

I signed up as a supporter and they gave me a recruiter Id

You can go to their website through the recruiter link here.


I don’t benefit financially from this all I know is I get some social capital( which I am gonna be honest I have no clue what is used for ) You could find them without the recruiter link here


Just a little disclaimer:: The fact that I am signed up on their website does not in any way suggest that they support the work that I do, or that I am affiliated with them in other way other than signed up as a supporter. I do no know whether they endorse or agree with the atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist worldview at all. The only thing I know is that they support equality for the LGBT community and that’s a good thing. This same disclaimer shall apply to any organization or individual that I mention either in print on my website or through my podcast unless otherwise specified.

Local elections: We really need to support local candidates that are either openly atheists or even if they are religious and are strong supporters of secular values and church state separation.

There is a project in the works called The atheist Candidates project I found them on facebook while I was looking for secular values candidates in Tn



Which led me to find that in east Tennessee we have a local candidate that identifies as openly atheist. She even has a photo up on her facebook page standing next to her suv with an athiest licence plate. She is in the running for district six, which covers most of downtown Knoxville including S central st, S Gay st, E Summit hill and portions of magnolia ave, James white parkway area.

Find her on twitter @voteshawneerios