In this weeks episode we discuss the state of the country right now. The divisiveness, and hatred that is going around is very disturbing. We have been in a this game of us and them and moving toward a state of chaos, rather than harmony.  I know that when we label ourselves or others we are contributing to this problem, but what is the solution here. What is the best and most beneficial way to structure a society? Is it going to be based on reason and things that are known, or is it going to be based on dogma and unverified truth claims? The latter is where is seems we have been leaning for some time, but it is the former that we should advocate for.

The Muslim Ban is part of this idea of using dogma to dictate our societal structures. Sure we have a problem with Islamic extremists, but is an outright ban on all people from Muslim countries going to solve the problem or exasperate it. It certainly didn’t solve any problems we have here at home, and it did inflame tensions and alienate potential allies in the Muslim world. We need to remove any ideas of a religious test for anything.  We have seen all throughout history that any type of religious test never turns out the way we plan them in the beginning.


Also on this episode my co-host Matt finally gets his microphone and makes a surprise visit at the end of the episode. This is that happy ending I promised in the show title. We discuss the situation in Tennessee a little bit from the perspective of an atheist. We then give our take on this story coming out of Portland of the man that stabbed 2 people who were trying to stop him from verbally assaulting a group of teenage girls one of which happened to be wearing a hijab.