The christian badge of honor.

Living in Tennessee, I have seen the impact of religion on the lives of so many. It is a badge of honor here. You can walk into most places and announce proudly, ” I’m christian “, and be immediately granted status. The christian label is every where. It’s on the money, in our pledge, and stamped on our laws.  Now we have our police force stamping it on their vehicles.


It seems as though everything must have the christian stamp of approval. Everything even down to your employment. Advancements are reserved for those with the “Magic” stamp. “You just don’t fit into the vision of our company”, is a  common phrase an open non-believer can hear.


Yet, on the other side of the coin you can walk in and talk about church and immediately “fit” the christian mold. You gain immediate credibility and have shared ideals to guide your “small talk”.  The topic can’t be avoided, it’s on the tip of everyone’s’ tongue. “Oh thank you Jesus”, the light turned green. “Here’s your free apple pie for your wait”, “thank you for being a christian”.


There is a bad tornado hitting another town on the news. So you have to listen to your boss go on a tirade about how “these godless heathens, are making god mad”. But you keep your mouth shut while the others in the christian club go along with it. You are the outcast, the unbeliever, the “other” .   They huddle around while you work, yet you are the one doing something wrong by knowing it’s tornado season.

Making an example.

The non-believer is scared. We are not Bangladesh, but must we be killed and beaten before we see this as a problem here. No,  the Christians went through a reformation, they channel their vitriol through the power of the majority. You don’t get killed, they would rather ruin your life so you can serve as a tangible lesson. Then after ruining your life, they can point to you as the sad atheist.


They can reassure their flocks that god favors the believer and your life is broken. You are broken. This is their message. This is what bounces around in their echo chambers. They need this message. They perpetuate it anywhere they have the power to do so. East Tennessee atheists are in a constant struggle to not drown in this sea of praying faces.

Reversing equality. 

We look around and see the problems, we want rational solutions. Yet, everyone seems to back politicians who create problems with their faith, and paint the real victims as the villains . Our laws are creating a protected class out of the majority, and making the minority lose the rights they have fought so hard for.


The rhetoric is that they are persecuted. The majority claims persecution from the minority.  It’s their message, their propaganda, and it dates back to their ancient book. The bible or at least the new testament  gives them their victim mentality. They read these stories that someone wrote down. Someone wrote a thing about being persecuted and that is what they must face.

Persecution complex

The faith, or loyalty to this dogma forces them to create a myth of victim hood.  They want to be like Jesus, the ancient hero of christian mythology. They want to believe they are persecuted. The leaders they elect play this vehemently.  Their book tells them they will be oppressed, so they must fake oppression while actually being the ones in power.


It’s a delusional message. Yet, their supporters truly believe it. They support it because they have fear, they fear losing the position of privilege. They feel persecuted by being forced to accept equality.  Being equal is the opposite of persecution, but they have been viciously indoctrinated into false victim hood.


The indoctrination blinds the believers, and they blindly support anyone who protects their privileged position in the majority. Positions of privilege infects them with the poisons of power.  It poisons the politicians. It poisons their supporters. And it’s reinforced by the virus of faith.  Faith is loyalty and it’s blind obedience. Without it religion would lose it’s power.


Religion must lose its’ hold on power. Without religion in power, we can begin to eliminate all other barriers to true equality.Tennessee atheists must stand together, and stand with all other minorities. We must support each other and stop the evangelical majority from controlling the message and reversing equal rights.  Together we must show our politicians that we demand equality. We must vote, we must support politicians who support secular values.   Not just nationally, we need  the local politicians to create the national momentum towards equality.