The Atheists United Group of San Luis Obispo has started an elementary after school club to counter the good news clubs. I think this is wonderful idea. We need more atheist normalcy in the world.

A counter to these good news clubs is a good step in securing a future of rational and informed thinkers. I am very glad to see this, and according to the article NPG of California (KEYT/KKFX), it has not been met with as much hostility as one would think.

If we had many more of these crop up around the country I am sure there may be some backlash, but I still feel it would be worth it.  Having more atheist clubs, groups, and other organizations out there will lessen the blow to the rest of us as we be more open. Atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists need these communities, and I am happy to see some them flourish.


To find out more about the group behind these wonderful club ideas here is there facebook, and the website of the youngskeptics group