After issuing a press statement about illegal voting, the Donald left many scratching their heads. Claiming that millions voted illegally, and he has the facts and studies to back it up. But we are in the Trump era now, and facts don’t seem to matter anymore.  However, this statement coming from the person who won the election can almost be taken as an admission of guilt. Some are even calling for a re-vote.

It’s true that the election of Trump has left the many stunned. The biggest shock is that the extremely fascistic campaign statements have shaped all of the official acts of this new president.  While the media was still coming to grips with this “alt-facts” thing, the Donald was signing some terrible actions.  These actions were basically gag orders on everything that he disagrees with. The most insidious was the gag order placed on government entities, that in the past had been transparent with the people they serve. He ordered the removal of all information on scientifically verifiable climate change data from the government websites. He also with the gag order forbade all of the government employees and scientists from public announcements. This included any prearranged conferences, meetings, and press releases.

When given the opportunity to divulge the source of his facts and studies Trump stunned us again. The source of his “facts and studies” about illegal voting by millions is an old golfing buddy. It is a sad day in our country when the person we allowed to take the highest office is this out of touch with reality. Or is he?  Remember that everyone is talking about this alt-facts thing,  and few are noticing the vast reduction in transparency of our government.  Let’s stop giving air time to the propaganda campaign, and start giving air time the the actual acts of this oligarch.