Apollo is known as the Greek God of music, and is commonly depicted with a bow and
arrow or playing a lyre. He is the twin brother to Artemis.He is born out of the union of Zeus and Leto. This enraged Hera with jealousy, to where she forbade Leto from giving birth on any land that could be seen by Helios(The sun). Leto was forced to fly from city to city, being denied a place to give birth.


In spite of Hera forbidding Leto to give birth to Apollo on the land. Leto found a newly
created land to give birth to Apollo. Artemis is said to have assisted in the birth of her
twin brother Apollo. Delos had defied Hera by allowing the far shooting god Apollo to be
born there, with some extra coercion from Leto.

The birth of Apollo was filled with prophecy as to his power among the gods. He was said
to be born as a god of uncontrollable power. This along with the jealousy of Hera made the
people of Delos fearful of the god being born there. To ease their fears Leto swore the great
oath of the gods, that the far shooter would make Delos the permanent home to his altar and
temples. This pleased the people of Delos greatly.


After nine days and nine nights of labor, the great god Apollo was born. This was attended
by his sister Artemis,
Themis, Amphitrite, Rhea and many other goddesses. Eileithyia, the goddess of the pangs of
childbirth, is also there. But this was only after being persuaded away from Hera’s plan to
keep her.


Leto was now within the comforting presence of Eileithyia and immediately began to give
birth to the mighty Phoebus Apollo. Who after drinking of Ambrosia from Themis sprang forth
with and pronounced, “Let the lyre and curved bow be dear to my heart, and I shall prophesy
to men the unerring will of Zeus”.