The purpose of this page is to vent different parts of my path through this crazy world of belief. It is not in chronological order, nor will the parts necessarily flow together. This is all different excerpts from my personal journals of random thoughts, ideas, events and memories.  I may organize this at some point if the readership grows enough, or if enough people request it to be. However, it will all be random in the mean time. This page just provides a place to list snippets from all the entries. You can click on the  “More of This” button at the bottom of each snippet to get the full story.
I did this to separate this page from the rest of this blog. This is all personal stories,rants, and ramblings. The Main Page is for news,events and stories from other atheists unable to come out, or who just want to share their stories.


Pantheistic confusion
“…I believed that all of the god claims were true,but just misunderstood by the rest of the world. I believed that God was an emergent phenomena of the collective consciousness of the entire world…I had just became very astute at leading the evidence to my conclusion.”


Hell visions.
The horrific visions of hell described to me as a child took many years to leave me
The graphic detail of the tortures and horrors I would face for eternity never should have been inflicted on a child. My earliest childhood memories are filled with…


Broken Heroes
“As a child, like most children of single parents I saw my mother as a hero. Like the goddess Artemis , she was the huntress, protector of the foundlings, a great hero of childish myth. Growing older, I began to see through the stories I told myself. The childish fantasies lost their magic as…….”

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