$1,000,000 for bible distribution?

A church in Oliver Springs, Tennessee spending over $1,000,000 to distribute bibles. They are sending bibles worldwide and locally. Shouldn’t they be “actually” helping people in tangible and reliable means? $1 million could go a long way to help children who are homeless or hungry.

These churches get a tax break for being a charity. What is charitable about a book? Especially a book as wicked and vile as the bible. Can children eat a book? I guess if you stack enough of them up together you could get a temporary shelter, until a heavy rain. This is insane that churches get a break from taxes and they are using it to spread this book.

Real Charity

In 2014,  The Tennessean  reported that there are roughly 28,000 homeless children in Tennessee alone.  Sure $1 million wouldn’t help all of those children, but  could buy a large patch of land and some temporary shelters for them. These could be used as a step between being on the street and finding homes/jobs for those old enough. And for the younger ones, could be used to help them find families.  They could give that money to groups that actually go out into the homeless population and provide food or clothes.

All the more reason we need to tax churches and provide more funding to organizations that “actually” help people. With churches being able to hide their finances, unlike other 501(3)c organizations, this $1 million they invested forces us to ask just exactly how much money are they sheltering from taxes.

Government programs aren’t particularly ideal, but the ones we have do what they can to provide tangible support to families and individuals in need. Churches with $1 million to spare to make some books, should absolutely be taxed. And their tax revenue should be earmarked for real charitable programs and organizations.


This church is the Mount Pisgah baptist church  with connections to the Southern Baptist Convention  who didn’t formally renounce racism until 1995. Featured in a New York Times article, where they “apologized” for their racist roots. The entire convention is a huge enterprise  pulling in 100’s of millions of dollars.  In 2013 over a $1,000,000,000 was reported as spent on their “missions”.   The North American mission board alone spent over $68 million to just to “plant churches” which includes “salaries”.  Another $5 million in training and over $20 million for Evangelism and  travel for missionaries.  Only $5 million out of their $121 million in their report was for their relief efforts. That is only 4.1% spent on actually helping people. And their help comes with a price tag for those being helped.


Evangelistic charity

The help offered is contingent on having to be “preached” at. Sure we probably shouldn’t be rude to someone trying to help us when we are in need.  But should we be told that we are having a crisis because of some inadequacy in ourselves. We are somehow broken, and that is why we are in peril, and the only way to fix our problems is an ancient book. Wouldn’t a sandwich and a shovel do more for victims of Super Storm Sandy than a book and being insulted? Actually, they would spend less making sandwiches for people than printing bibles. You could make about 10 bologna sandwiches with mayo for the price to print 1 bible.  It seems wasteful to spend all this money on evangelistic materials when they could feed a lot of people with that money.