Tennessee governor Bill Haslam has just signed into law  Senate Bill 1556, effectively making discrimination legal for therapists and school counselors. This is especially heinous do to suicide being the second leading cause of death in TN of 10-19 year old age group.


The school counselor may be the only person a child can turn to in a time of need. And if that child is an LGBT youth they will be told ,by the only person who could have helped them, that they are dirty and can’t be helped.


This is one of the most wicked things our majority evangelical legislators could have done. Here is a list of the bigots that voted for this bill. Please get the word out that these “representatives” have a duty to represent ALL of the citizens not just the majority. And if they won’t we need to find those who will, and have them  fill their seats.


Many proponents of this bill are claiming that all this bill does is protect therapists and counselors for doing what they always do for clients that conflict with their beliefs. First problem is, then why this bill. If therapists have always been “referring” their clients that conflict with their beliefs, then where is the problem this bill is meant to solve.


What this does is gives them the ability to cite this law when turning away clients. Any one who reads the bill will know exactly what the therapist means when turning away clients. It’s bad enough that children and teens get shunned by their families, churches, and communities. But when they feel depressed and hopeless the school counselors may be all they have access to. What happens then? Any school counselor who supports this law shouldn’t be able to sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror.


— We should have a sense of pride in our state, but instead these iron age laws and bigoted ideologies fill many of us with shame. It’s the 21st century, and we still have to fight for equal human rights.


–Tell us how you feel about this law.–