As the weekend rolls in,  thousands of atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists descend on Washington. The message is clear equality and rational governance must reign over dogma and ancient ideology. The 21st century can no longer support laws built on ancient books. Like a tidal wave across the nation Reason Rally 2012 opened up the national conversation, and Reason Rally 2016 is going to show that secular values voters are willing to flex their political muscles.




Large groups from the event organized a related event to lobby for the Real Education For Healthy Youth Act. This act would provide grants for training educators in real science based and inclusive sex education. No more of the failed bible based abstinence only doctrines being forced upon our children.


This years Reason Rally is an incredible event for atheists, agnostics, and secular humanist, but it is also inclusive of anyone religious or not who wishes to fight for secular values. There are many who are religious that understand the importance of church state separation.  And even though we disagree on theism or the usefulness of religion, we are united to keep our country secular.


Reason Rally is drawing huge crowds of openly secular humanists and atheists, but there is also a large group unable to be so open who support them. We are who they are fighting for. We are who they are rallying for.  While their hope is for us all to come out and be counted, their actions are making it easier for us to do so in the future.The event organizers and attendees deserve all of our thanks.

So from all of us unable to be open with our non-belief THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!! for forging a path where we all may one day safely come out.