In Tennessee the State Senate district 2 seat is being fought for by Incumbent Doug Overbey(R), and Scott Williams(R).  Overbey, a member of the Senate Health and welfare committee, voted yea on the Pro-Discrimination Therapy Bill. And Williams is vehemently anti-LGBT, and spreads misinformation about the dangers of  allowing people to pee.


There is no opposition to these two, and both are a non-choice for anyone wishing to bring Tennessee out of the dark ages.  This highlights an every growing need for atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists to unify under a single banner.


We must stand up and be counted as a viable voting block, and build our community into a place of true freedom and equality.  I don’t have all the answers, but I know that the current state of affairs must change. There is too much potential in Tennessee. It is ripe with beautiful landscapes, and some truly wonderful people. Just many of them are afraid to come out in defense of equality for fear of their jobs, families , and homes. In some cases people fear for their life.


While there has been no known killings of non-believers here,  there have been plenty of people openly admitting they would. Others have been beaten, many have lost their jobs, and most lose their families. People you once thought of as friends will quickly betray you for their ancient doctrines. The religious right would prefer we stay silent and allow them to spread hate legislation.


They have yet to propose a single piece of legislation that protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Yet, they complain that the ones that do are some how the tyrants. Williams even referring to  Obama as a boy/king in a Facebook post for his support of trans rights.



This falls in line with the religious right reversing everything to fit their dogma. They play the victims and pretend to protect the innocent, but in truth the innocent are being turned into criminals simply for who they are.


Overbey is not much of a better choice. He supported both the legislation to remove the office of diversity to pay for god stickers, and the pro-discrimination therapy bill. The bill to remove the office of diversity claims to spend the money on a single scholarship program. The office of diversity had several such programs, and worked to improve the educational and career placement opportunities for minorities.


The bill he supported also removes funding to promote gender neutral pronouns, and earmarked a significant portion of the funds to be used to buy god stickers for police cars. Tennessee is in trouble with these terrible pieces of legislation. Many groups are refusing to bring their conventions here, further diminishing the available funds coming into our state.


Tennessee has a long way to go and are joining a growing list of states marching back to the first century. Bigotry and hatred are being portrayed as persecution and protection. And the growing necessity for secularism is becoming more apparent every day.