Tennessee  SB1912   and HB2248 cuts all funding from the office of “diversity and inclusion” to pay for sectarian decals on the police vehicles. To be fair only 25% of the funds will be paying for decals to say “in god we trust”. So now we have the people (whose job is to “protect and to serve”, and who take an oath to defend the constitution) driving around carrying guns who take their orders from dogma rather than the public.  The state is to represent all people, not just people who believe in a higher power.  There is no higher power in our secular constitution than the power of the people, all the people. If there was a god, and he was good, and we could trust him, then we would have no need for police officers.  Another problem is look at local police departments track record against the black community. Just recently Police handcuffed a group of black elementary school kids aged 6-11 in Murfreesboro Tennessee. They have gods authority on their vehicles. The same authority used as a shield in the Knoxville Race Riot 1912  and of the KKK members shooting of 4 elderly black women in Chattanooga, Tennessee. All of the white supremacists involved in these atrocities where the “in god we trust” types, who felt god gave them a higher authority than our secular constitution. Sure in god we trust wasn’t the official motto in 1912, but it’s the same idea of ancient dogma being placed above equality.

Why do we still have this crazy motto? The communists weren’t defeated by anyone’s god. They were defeated by politicians willing to put aside dogmatic beliefs, and calmly discuss how to move forward toward peace. Any static and dogmatic belief system should be overcome by reason and equality. That is how any society moves toward true prosperity, justice and freedom. The least among us must flourish or society as a whole will wither. This idea is the true cornerstone of moral and ethical progress. Which leads us to the every growing need to protect, include, and help minorities to no longer feel the tightening grip of the social conservative plague on the world.  The god that the ” in god we trust ” advocates believe in is against equality and true moral progress.  Just crack open the bible and read it from cover to cover.