Tennessee got one right.. kind of.

     Tennessee House votes no to overturn veto The article talks about the Tennessee House vote to overturn the veto on Tennessee’s bible bill. The bill would have made the christian bible the official state book.  The vote to overturn the veto was only short 7 votes to get the 50 they would need.  The above article cites diminishing the significance of the bible as the reason for opposition. I am glad the politicians made the right move, but rather than doing it because of our secular constitution they chose to do it and cite their religion. Politicians making laws based on their specific religious beliefs is a dangerous precedent. The opponents of the bible wanted to save the bible from losing its significance. After a complete reading, anyone can see the bible lost its significance the moment we realized slavery was bad, when women weren’t property, and mixed fabrics is a bad reason to kill someone. This bill was doomed to fail..

      The bill was dead on arrival because it violates both the United States constitution and the Tennessee state constitution.  With Tennessee being a majority evangelical state, it would be safe to say that the poor reasons given were more than merely pandering. Our secular constitution separates the church from state. This separation will serve dual purpose to both protect the religious from a state that forces a belief they don’t have, and to protect those with no belief from following religious dogma.

     The bible is a terrible book to place in any position of reverence or relevance to anything in today’s society. It promotes slavery, rape, incest, and genocide. Why do we even have people trying to make this the official….anything?    Sure you can dig through and pick the lines you happen to agree with, but that is just the secular morality of the modern era forcing you to throw out the atrocious.  With Tennessee’s “allow therapists to discriminate” bill still looming, we have a long road ahead to eliminate big orange bigotry. But as an atheist in east Tennessee, I will take whatever progress I can find.