Ted Cruz announced he is dropping out of the race for president. According to Politico, Ted Cruz announced that “.. the voters chose another path. He says that “…he is going to continue the fight for liberty…”  Whose liberty would that be? He has been against liberty for people who need insurance. He is against women’s health, and their privacy with making health decisions. He is against the rights of LGBT individuals. It seems he is against liberty. He also throws out the “…fight for the judeo-christian values that built america…” line. Religious freedom and escape from sectarian violence built America. Putting that aside, you can only have liberty when no value is higher than equality.

He says he will keep fighting as long as god gives them the strength. But wasn’t Glenn Beck  just telling us that god sent Ted Cruz to be president? Oh wait, he was sent for us to choose good over evil. So unless god wanted us to choose evil, we choose good?  It looks like we will just have to wait for those self selected to speak for god to tell us what this means.  Or maybe in the real world, the republican base is more Trump crazy than Cruz crazy. Notice they are both crazy. But are they? The Trump crazy we are seeing, has been festering in American society for a while now. All those asking themselves how did we end up with Trump, just take a good look. He is a mirror on the attitudes percolating throughout our country.  The blatant racism, xenophobia, and aggression towards opposition have all been here. It has been hiding beneath the surface in some places, out in the open in others.  Cruz bigotry or Trump bigotry? That is no longer the question. The truth is we chose xenophobia over theocracy. Sure Trump throws some bones to the evangelical base, but it seems people are responding to his racism, aggression, and xenophobia more than Cruz level bigotry.