The above video shows a 5 year old in Georgia getting paddled in school. This is horrific and still happens in the south, even here in Tennessee it is still legal.   Here is an overview of the  Georgia law.

Georgia code 20-2-730
All area, county, and independent boards of education shall be authorized to determine and adopt policies and regulations relating to the use of corporal punishment by school principals and teachers employed by such boards.


In Tennessee the  Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-6-4402  (2016) states:

49-6-4402.  Corporal punishment.   (a) The chief administrative officer, or the chief administrative officer’s designee, of any institution in which the schools are located, may use corporal punishment in a reasonable manner and in accordance with this part against any pupil for good cause in order to maintain discipline and order within such schools.

(b) Corporal punishment may be administered only in a classroom situation and only in the presence of the director of schools or chief administrative officer of the school and one (1) other faculty witness.

More “spare the rod” nonsense in Tennessee.

      People in this area still have this we have to beat children into submission ideology. It was never effective and actually led to some damaging results. Such as this story of a student getting taken to the hospital following a “paddling at school “. And we have people in Tennessee still advocating for this type of punishment in schools.

In a letter to the editor on the Columbia Daily Herald , the author pushes for parents to beat their kids to combat bullying. This goes counter to the evidence that this will not actually combat bullying.  The APA  stated in 2012 that a growing body of evidence is showing that not only is there lasting harm to children, but it also leads to an increase in aggressive behavior.

If the author of this letter to the editor truly has an issue with bullying than maybe they should advocate for parents to stop bullying their kids. They are not only causing lasting damage to their children’s emotional well-being, but they are also showing their children that is how they are supposed to treat other people.

This is a strange blend of biblical traditionalism, and the my parents beat me mentality. Is this really what we want? Ancient and outdated ideals and following tradition is no excuse to perpetuate violent behavior. Children don’t need to be coddled their whole lives, but they do need to be shown the importance of finding alternate solutions to problems.

The generations in the future need to no longer have this debate on harming others for our beliefs. We need to value respect for the rights of others, and not letting your own faith or fidelity to a belief push you to cause harm.