The recent tragedy in Orlando that claimed the lives of 49 people is on the minds of most
of America and across the world. There are many standing in solidarity with the lgbt
community, as this was clearly a hate crime. Even in states that have passed anti-lgbt
legislation, we see groups holding vigils and sharing their thoughts and feelings.


This is what I wanted to touch on today. The tragedy in Orlando is the latest in a long
string of anti-lgbt bigotry that exists in the U.S. While these laws may not be directly
responsible for the actions that left so many needlessly murdered, their mere existence is a
slap in the face for the community that was so terribly impacted by this.


My question is, will this force politicians to open their eyes and see that our laws that
promote hate are no longer conducive to human well-being? Is this what we should be seeing in
the 21st century? Should we still be in need of an armed guard for groups of people who just
want to live, love, and be honest with who they are? Why is this fight even necessary?


The truth is that the problem here is faith. And not the generic faith that gets thrown
around. I mean fidelis or blind loyalty to an ideal. Arcane and outdated, ideological
religious dogma, which at its core breeds hatred and disgust for anything not understood.
More specifically the Abrahamic religions which at their core equates humans to lambs for the
slaughter for those that claim to speak to god or know her will.


These are doctrines that at their founding celebrates the act of a mentally deranged man who
hears voices in his head that tell him to kill his own son. The god of Abraham was a voice
that tells people to do unthinkable acts of violence to so many groups they disagree with.
This doctrine was merely supplemented with Christianity by the new testament. This new
testament is particularly insidious in that it promotes infinite torture.


Sure it wasn’t Christianity that was claimed by the delusional man that killed so many. But
it is still an Abrahamic faith, that worships death and human sacrifice. As do all of these
ancient hate doctrines. All of them with clear dictates to murder. It’s pure insanity that
we still have laws based around these ideals.


The states that still hold on to their anti-lgbt laws should not only feel shame, but they
should also be held liable. Our country is perpetuating hatred with every stroke of the
legislative pen. It bleeds theocracy, and should be cut off from the rest of the world. Sure
America isn’t the only country with bigoted hate laws, but do we really want to stay in the
first century? We can no longer call ourselves a great nation, if we even could have claimed
that title to begin with, because all of the progress that makes us great is lost in


I am aware that these aren’t all of the ills that need to be cured in America, and I am aware
that there may be several factors that lead an individual or group to commit atrocity. But
let’s look at this a little. We have a country that puts the most bigoted into positions of
power. (i.e. Trump. Americas mirror candidate.) What does this say about the state of our
nation. Politicians can stand up and openly promote hate and prejudice, and still they
receive cheers. And most insidiously they receive votes and power.


The solution in the short term is that we need to stand up and demand the removal of bigoted
laws. It is passed time that laws like Tennessee’s

therapy bill
, and North Carolina’s bathroom bill should be removed. The nation mourns for
the loss of so many, yet appears to be blind to the the ideologies that seek the power to