In Oklahoma,  legislators decided to once again seek control over women’s health with Oklahoma SB 1552. This bill removes the private health decisions out of the hands of women and their doctors and places them under control of “men” in the Oklahoma State House.  These men citing authority from “the supreme creator of the universe” , to interfere in what a women and her doctor decides is best for her health and well-being. This bill goes so far as to punish doctors for doing their job.  It is a gross violation of already established constitutional grounds for privacy in health decisions. (see. Roe v Wade )

Don’t get me wrong here I am anti-abortion, but I am also pro-choice. I don’t think that anyone is really “pro-abortion”. It is a sad necessity given the current state of advancement in our civilization. But, the anti-choice crowd labels the pro-choice movement as against life.  That is simply not true. I wish we had other solutions to the many complications of pregnancy both wanted and unwanted. It would be great if every wanted pregnancy was without complications, and that contraceptive solutions were advanced enough to where there were no unwanted pregnancies.  And that women weren’t getting raped. But the facts are that these solutions are not yet here, and our binary thinking on the subject has consequences. There simply are too many factors to label abortion as either right or wrong on its face without considering all of them. The decision is going to be unique in every single case, and the only people qualified to make that decision is the women and her doctor. It is not up to me, you, congress, or some politician’s ancient hate book to make that decision.


If you live in Oklahoma and want to make sure you know who not to vote for next time, here is the list of Yeahs and Nays on this bill.