State representative from Mt. Juliet Tennessee attacking the Trans community with this on her Facebook..


Not only is this bigotry hateful, but it is cruel and insidious that Tennessee just passed the therapy bill preventing the LGBT youth and adults in this state from seeing a counselor. She first wants to stop someone from getting help, then insults them for having issues. This is despicable. Let’s apply her logic to her own “mental disorder”


The definition of Delusional disorder is

patient believes that  [she] has some great but unrecognized talent or insight, a special identity, knowledge, power, self-worth, or special relationship with someone famous or with God


No one should entertain her mental disorder by allowing her to govern. And it’s not healthy for her when her followers pretend along with her. This includes all of the religious right wingers who can’t put down their hate doctrine. Do they fear  separation from their imagined sky father? Maybe this reinforces their delusions.


Are these bigots truly bigots or are they victims? Not victims of their imagined persecutions, but victims of their delusion of having a “special relationship” with their god.  Can’t therapists refuse to help delusional politicians now? I have a sincerely held belief that she is a grown up and should put away childish fantasies.


Why does religion do this to people? Is it really affecting their minds? Or were they just this cruel to begin with and use their hate book to justify it.


Now sure this demonizes mental disease by using it as a pejorative.  And brushing the religious off as delusional may be avoiding the problem. However, maybe we should look at those who truly believe as someone in need. Is it not delusional behavior to truly believe you have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe?  Is it healthy to allow people to act on this belief?


Is it a pejorative if we start to recognize the “true” believers as in need of mental help? Can it be a mental disorder if such a large population go through their daily lives with these beliefs?  The World Health Organization gives an estimate of 330 million people suffer from depression . This is pretty much the entire population of America.


Does this mean that pointing out that these people are depressed and certain actions may be unhealthy is wrong?  Is it the size of the population that prevents us from pointing it out as a problem? Or are we doing a disservice to not mention that some people may in fact need help?


Maybe these legislators don’t truly believe that a supreme being “loves” them personally. Maybe they don’t truly believe that the creator of the universe speaks to them or guides them. This just brings religions down to what they may in fact be, an excuse. It is possible the vitriol they hold comes from within instead of a perceived mandate from their god.


What this means, is that again they use their hate doctrines to justify their inner disgust.  The religious right wingers seem unable to separate their own biases and inner conflict from their god.  This is due to the fact that we have made god in our image, and god is the ultimate excuse.


World Health Organization’s Mental Disorder Fact Sheet.