The Democrats in the Senate are holding open the senate session until the vote on Devos. Hopefully, one more Republican senator can vote for reality instead of along party lines.

The nomination of Betsy Devos will be a devastating blow to our public education sytem. It will set us back at least 50 years. I say this because her ideologies align with the principles of creationists, and those wanting to advance “god’s kingdom”.

She wants public money to fund “tax exempt” church organizations that run private schools. The vouchers she supports even go to church run homeschooling organizations. While these are all unaccountable to anyone, they are also far inferior to public schools.

The multi-billion dollar tax exempt church industry should not be receiving public funds. They are not only tax exempt, but they are also exempt from the reporting requirements of other 501-3c organizations.

To put this into perspective, the average American has to report more at tax time then these churches who take in billions of dollars. Other tax exempt organizations have reporting requirements so strict most of them have to hire outside companies to audit them on a regular basis. All of their financial statements are completely open to the public, yet churches are accountable to no one.

These are all the types of organizations the Devos family has been fighting to get federal tax payer money given to.

The vouchers and support for religious schools are only a fraction of the problem that Devos will be for the education system. She is also grossly unqualified. She is completely ignorant of the most essential issues the public education system faces. These issues include the proficiency vs. growth debate, IDEA(Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), and the problems with guns in schools. She was completely oblivious to these very important issues.

Her answers about accountability of the charter and religious “schools” were also terrifying. She refused to give a straight answer.

After finally receiving her ethics packet, her various financial entanglements became a little more clear.

She has ties to several groups that would directly benefit from her appointment. No member of representative government can govern fairly if they are tied financially to groups with political agendas.

Our education system is not perfect. The fact that Trump got elected at all shows us this. People are not properly educated. The problems come down to the types of organizations that Devos runs, supports, and backs financially constantly trying to undermine our public schools. Our schools, our teachers, and our students deserve so much better than someone this unqualified to be at the helm.