1.  The first and most important reason to keep bibles out of public schools is that it is counter to the constitution.  The first amendment prevents governments from promotion of religion.


The first amendment was written in recognition that there is more than one religion and many sects of each religion. These various sects are in conflict and have very different edicts as to how you must think, act, or live. For a society to be free, equality must sit above all such considerations.  And government endorsement of religion would go counter to this idea.



biblical baby murder

The bible promotes baby murder and talks about it multiple places.


The bible kills or orders the killing of children in many places.  What are children learning from this book? That someday god may tell your father to kill you, and you are supposed to be O.K with this.  They will learn that sometimes it’s fine that children die horribly. Do we really want to teach children that the supreme creator of the universe says you will be happy for dashing babies heads on rocks?


The example of Abraham sends the message that if you hear a voice that tells you to gut your kids you’re not in need of mental help. Do we really think young children should be exposed to these bad ways of thinking?




Lewd verse about bestiality in the bible.


Among the many strange verses in the bible, this one has to be up there with some of the more lewd and completely inappropriate for children verses.




The bible tells us that god will force us to eat our children for disobedience or doubt.



These are just a couple of the many crazy biblical ideas of marriage.



The bible contains many lewd verses and horrible edicts to commit atrocity.  This could easily be a top 1000 list. The supporters of passing out bibles to kids would say, “you’re just taking this out of context”. Exactly what context is a child to interpret these verses? Are they assuming that young children all have degrees in biblical scholarship and lexical analysis?