Church with pastor arrested for sex trafficking, wants to counsel your kids.

creepy church sign


Posted on: Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

The Grace Baptist church made headlines Friday, for their youth pastor being arrested for buying a child prostitute. Luckily, it was a sting set up by the TBI, and no children were harmed.   The TBI set up the sting by running ads selling underage children for sex. Over the course of a 3 day investigation they rounded […]

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$1 mil spent for bible distribution


Posted on: Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

$1,000,000 for bible distribution? A church in Oliver Springs, Tennessee spending over $1,000,000 to distribute bibles. They are sending bibles worldwide and locally. Shouldn’t they be “actually” helping people in tangible and reliable means? $1 million could go a long way to help children who are homeless or hungry. These churches get a tax break […]

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