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Anubis: Protector of the Dead

Anubis is a god that oversees the dead in Egyptian myths. He takes the form of a jackal. The jackal is an animal that looks like a dog with an elongated snout. He holds a distinguished septre in his hand. This is common among Egyptian gods and royalty. In some carvings, he is depicted as […]

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Encounter at the Library

A nearby Library was working on rebuilding the second floor. To make room for this renovation, they were clearing out their shelves. They had a variety of books for a low price, so I decided to come in and browse through them. When I walked in, the library looked quite empty. The only exception being […]

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Bastet: The drunken kitty goddess.

Bastet A lioness stalks her prey to defend her master. She bounds from branch to branch. Her long claws gleam in the light of the moon as they chip away the bark from the trees. She sees a tail move in the grass. Making her way closer to the edge of the water, she analyzes […]

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Avoidance Coping

I walk slowly through the streets, carefully watching the reactions of others. One mis-step could be devastating. I must blend in. They will not harm me if I am one of them. Just keep up the same conversations, normal conversations, that no one will find suspicious. I will be safe as long as I limit […]

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Nut: Goddess of the Night

She is the goddess that embodies the night sky and watches over the dead. The goddess Nut spreads her wings over the earth to push back the terrible forces of chaos. She is the daughter of Shu god of the air ¬†and Tefnut the goddess of moisture.   Nut is depicted by the Egyptians as […]

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Shu: God of the Wind

Shu-god of wind Egyptians created gods for nearly every aspect of their lives. Concepts that were deemed important to their society, became represented through deities. The Egyptians lacked an explanation as to why the sky goddess Nut would not just fall onto the earth. To make sense of this separation, the god Shu was created […]

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Inti: God of the Sun

In the pre-Columbian era of the Americas lived a relatively vast civilization. It’s center rested in what is now known as Peru. This civilization was called the Inca empire. The empire was known for human sacrifice and cranial deformation rituals. The Capacocha ritual involved selecting children of the greatest health to sacrifice to appease their […]

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