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Episode 14: Hospital voodoo, and healthcare blues

For those who do not know I was in the hospital with cellulitis, and the beginning stages of sepsis. That put a delay on getting my next few podcasts out. Now before I get into the story of what happened in the hospital, I came to a realization this summer. It is going to be […]

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Episode #13 Secular Society, and a surprise happy ending

In this weeks episode we discuss the state of the country right now. The divisiveness, and hatred that is going around is very disturbing. We have been in a this game of us and them and moving toward a state of chaos, rather than harmony.  I know that when we label ourselves or others we […]

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Episode #12 Secular Sunday School, Biblical marriage

Secular Ethos Episode # 12 Secular Sunday School With all of the attacks on the LGBT community from politicians and religious leaders, it is not surprising that they can draw a straight line to a passage from their holy books to condemn them. They especially seem to have a serious problem with gay marriage. Many […]

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Episode # 11 Teen Suicide, and broken heroes.

This episode I am going to do something unpopular. I am going to discuss teen suicide. I am doing this for a variety of reasons. First I feel this is a very important issue, and I have personal experiences that are relevant. In doing this episode I am hoping to not only help any of […]

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Episode #10 Secular Sunday School-This week at bible club: Donkey genitals and horse emissions

  Secular Ethos Episode 10 _ Secular Sunday School edition headline: ’Parents Angry Altruria Elementary Bible Club Was Shut Down After Complaint By Atheist Group’ This story is about the Altruria Elementary school in Bartlet Tennessee having a bible club in the mornings. I do not know a whole lot of the details in […]

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Episode #9 Acupuncture babies, and Trump’s bad at cover ups.

  Episode # 9 show notes:     This weeks episode is shorter than some of the rest. I had a full episode available for this week, but I decided to delay it for another week. I did this because the subject matter is very heavy. I had planned on addressing the recent suicides in […]

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Episode #8- Secular Sunday School edition: terms and definitions

Secular Sunday School first episode: As this is the first episode of Secular Sunday School, I find it important to establish a vocabulary. The reason I want to do this is to go over some of these tricky terms that people often use in various ways. Such as the term atheist, this term ( or […]

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Episode #7 Secular Morality

Tennessean headline: “How secularism will fail us” This is a local story where this pastor from Inglewood Baptist church. Where he argues that secularism is going to fail because he equates it to moral relativism and that any moral claims made are a result of stealing from the “judeo-christian” worldview. This article brings in few […]

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Episode #6 Listener Feedback and Climate Change denial

Feedback from episode #1: I have gotten some feedback from my first episode, where people have noted that I made an assertion about Trump supporters that I did not cite sources for. The assertion that I made was that there is a disconnect from what liberals see as corruption and what the right wingers call […]

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Episode #5 Syria, Gorsuch, and introduction of new show segments

Correction I say 5013c charity it is 501 c3. Episode 5: Syria, Gorsuch Syrian missile strikes: Was it a good move by Trump? Did his remarks about god give ISIS another recruitment boost? The inaction on Syria may have been a bad move by Obama, but did the immediate escalation to missile strikes by Trump […]

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