The Betsy Devos confirmation vote is coming up soon, and we all need to come together to stop this.
Devos is the wrong direction for our education system. The hearings have shown us that not only is grossly unqualified for the position, but also that she has several ethical issues. These issues include financial ties to the very people that will be voting on her confirmation.

In a previous post titled, The United States: The new Oligarchy, we showed some of the ethical dilemmas that plague this pick for leader of the Department of education. She has spent her life campaigning to eliminate the very department she is being considered to run.

She advocates for unequal accountability between public schools and charter schools. Yet, at the same time she advocates for sending your tax dollars to unaccountable charter schools. All of this for the widely unpopular voucher programs.

We need to come together on this and call our senators to let them know that we do not want her anywhere near an education system that she despises. Our representatives need to know that their constituents will not support this pick for Department of Education.

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